4 Carpet Cleaning Solutions Even Landlords Get Wrong

4 Carpet Cleaning Solutions Even Landlords Get Wrong

If you want to know about something, often the people who do it or use it the most are who you want to consult. The thing is that too often they are also working under some misconceptions and their advice may not be as helpful as you would like. When it comes to cleaning carpets, apartment project owner/managers would seem to be experts, especially when they have 100+ units with carpet installed.

In researching misconceptions about carpet cleaning, there are articles for landlords that point out some of the misconceptions that result in poor cleaning and even damage to carpets.

Misconception #1: To protect the carpet’s warranty, use cleaning solutions compatible with the carpet’s stain resistance chemistry.

This is fine unless the carpet has some age on it, as the stain resistant treatment may have dissipated over time, changing the Ph of the cleaning product that should be used. This can reduce the life of the carpet.

Misconception #2: Just choose the least expensive cleaning service, as they all use the same equipment.

A more effective way to choose a carpet cleaning service is to see if they are IICRC-certified, use hot-water extractors, or have been cleaning carpets for a number of years.

Misconception #3: Choose the least expensive cleaning solutions with the same ingredients.

This would seem logical, as comparable ingredients with a lower price would seem to be a good buy. However, if you miss the dilution factor, you are missing the next most important comparison. Though they may have the same ingredients, one product may be much more concentrated than the less expensive product.

Misconception #4: Increase the cleaning solution concentration for heavily soiled carpets.

It may seem that more is better, but not in this case. If the proper solution isn’t getting the job done, increasing the concentration will probably not help. The better solution is to re-clean the carpet. Also, if a hot water extraction system wasn’t used, use it for the second cleaning.

The truth is that maybe now and then a supermarket rental carpet cleaner and solution will work for you. However, also now and then having a professional carpet cleaning service with a guarantee of their work will keep your carpet looking good and it will last longer.