6 Stay-At-Home Bathroom Spa Ideas

6 Stay-At-Home Bathroom Spa Ideas

It’s great to go to a fancy spa a couple of times a year, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some spa-like amenities in your own bathroom? The bath is the one place we spend time alone and enjoying a hot bath or shower. It’s a place where we can relax and simply spend some alone time, so why not make it a place you really enjoy as a comfortable space? Here are some renovations or changes you can make to change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Curves & Smooth Surfaces Look & Feel Better

Whether you’re replacing a sink, tub, shower, cabinet, or countertop, you should look for smooth surfaces, curved edges, and a gently rounded look for all the edges. When it comes to the tub, it is usually the focal point of the room. Avoid hard edges on countertops if possible and try to create smooth contours when you combine two different materials, such as the countertop and the sink.

Go Natural and Vintage

The last time you visited a popular spa, was it in a tourist spot perhaps, in the mountains or on the beach? People feel more relaxed in nature or natural looking surroundings. As you design your at-home spa look, think natural when it comes to materials. They don’t have to be natural, but they should look so. Hardwoods and stone or marble give your bath a natural feel and combined properly they can make it a more relaxing. Go vintage with fixtures, blending the fixtures with the natural motif.

Use Relaxing Colors

Using stone and wood look materials, you should balance with natural and relaxing colors. This doesn’t mean that they must be colors from nature, such as browns and greens, but often they blend better to maintain the whole “natural” mood. Even for fixtures, avoid chrome and bright metal finishes, instead muted colors or a pewter look. Avoid stark color transitions, instead blending one area, such as the countertop with the backsplash for a pleasing look.

Convenience but Not Visual Storage

It’s nice, especially when you’re just waking up, to be able to just reach out and grab that bottle of mouthwash or tube of toothpaste. Unfortunately, the convenience of that grab is visually damaging to your spa-like atmosphere. Cabinets and concealed shelving may add a moment or two to your access to products and grooming tools, but the overall look and comfort feel of your in-home spa is greatly enhanced by hiding them.

Make Your Shower a Luxury

Your choice for a shower head should fit into the décor of the space, but the feel you get from the shower itself is more important. There are shower heads that are adjustable from a natural rain effect to pressure massage and pulsation settings. Even a fine misting setting can be right for some days, perhaps after some hard physical work or exercise.

Treat the Senses

The previous recommendations are about visual and textural sensations, and they combine to give you a comfortable in-home spa experience. However, don’t neglect the sense of smell, one of the most powerful of senses when it comes to our comfort and health. You can go old school and use scented candles, or new age and place a refillable aroma diffuser in the space. Infusing natural odors into your natural-looking space will complete the fancy spa experience, and you never had to leave home.

Make every day a special spa experience with these ideas.