8 Reasons to Consider Installing a Home Generat

8 Reasons to Consider Installing a Home Generat

Whether it is rolling power outages in some states or seasonal weather in other areas, some homeowners just know that a backup generator for the whole house is a good investment. Some states even give tax credits for them. If you have thought about it, here are 8 possible reasons for giving a generator some consideration.

#1: Mother Nature is Fickle

Whether it is a hurricane near the coast or ice taking down power lines in cold areas, the weather is the primary reason for power outages that last 24 hours or longer. Being prepared can save time, trouble, and money in avoiding food spoilage.

#2: Well Water

If your home uses well water as its only water source, losing power will result in the pump not working and no water for the duration of the outage.

#3: Sump Pumps

When the power goes out, the sump pump stops working. If the outage is weather related, this can present a double threat from water buildup. Having a backup power supply can save the home from damage.

#4: Food Spoilage

Though mentioned before, if you store lots of food in freezers and under refrigeration, a power outage can have long-ranging effects on your food supply. The refrigerated food will spoil first, but the frozen food is also at risk, even if it only partially thaws. Refreezing some food items can be hazardous to health.

#5: Home Office

It is bad enough when a prolonged power outage interrupts normal household activities and enjoyment. It is far worse when it stops a home-based business in its tracks. Along with the other possible economic damage mentioned, the power outage can interrupt income as well.

#6: You Travel a Lot

These days, especially with the popularity of recreational vehicles, people are spending prolonged periods away from home. It is a real downer to return from a fun vacation to find that your food is spoiled and possibly other damage due to a power outage.

#7: High Risk Climate

This is a given, but with many homeowners in coastal areas without backup power, it is worth mentioning again. When there are enough of them to rotate names and have a “season,” hurricanes are a fact of live in coastal areas. When power lines are blown down, it can take days to repair them and get power back to residences. Having a backup generator gives you peace of mind that you can function with the necessities until power is restored.

#8: Hybrid or Electric Cars

With the electric car gaining in popularity and becoming more reliable, it must be charged if it is going to move. When the power is out in an area, your only resource to charge your vehicle may be your own generator.

Though not a listed item here, sometimes just the peace of mind in knowing that you are prepared for the unlikely event of a power outage is enough reason to consider a backup generator. Even if a whole house generator is not in the budget, a portable one can be a lifesaver in powering the most important appliances, such as some lighting and the food refrigerators and freezers.