Autumn Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

Autumn Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

With Fall in full swing, there are some home maintenance activities that may be worth some consideration. They can save money and avoid damage to the home. With people spending more time than ever before in their homes, it is worth some time, effort, and maybe some money to do some fall maintenance at home.

Exterior Maintenance

Roof: Fall, when the weather is mild is a good time to inspect or have a professional inspect your roof for damaged shingles or broken tiles. Also inspect flashings around roof penetrations, as they are the most likely places for moisture infiltration, very damaging to the roof underlayment and attic spaces. Check for curling or cracking shingles as well.

Exterior Plumbing: With winter on the horizon, it is time to inspect exterior water piping and spigots for adequate freeze protection. Pipe insulation could be deteriorated. Drain exterior water pipes that are not necessary for use during the winter or that can be turned back on only when needed. Check coverings over hose connections and valves at the walls.

For pipes that are exposed and used year-round, consider the installation of heating tape. If there is already heating tape, check to make sure it is working. If it is temperature controlled, as most are, check when the temp gets below freezing.

Window and Door Seals

The changes in outdoor temperature from the previous winter into spring and summer can result in cracking or shrinkage of window and door weather stripping. Check all windows and exterior door stripping for cracks or damage and repair before winter to save money on utilities due to loss of warm air during the winter.

Landscaping and Garden

Fall is a great time to mulch or move your perennials. It is also time to remove dead annual plants. Trim dead tree branches before they have the possibility of falling due to snow or ice accumulation during the winter.

Fall is also a good time to aerate the lawn. It is a good time to fertilize and seed as well.

HVAC System Maintenance

This is the perfect time to have your heating and cooling system checked and preventive maintenance performed. Most professional service companies offer maintenance agreements that include spring and fall preventive maintenance and inspections. This can prevent breakdowns in the hottest and coldest weather. They also usually provide a nice discount for any necessary service calls for maintenance agreement customers, as well as priority when weather is at its worst.

Pest Inspection

Fall is when you want to inspect for pests. When this first cool weather begins, pests will seek out warm places such as attics and basements. Worse, they do not stay in those areas, as they begin to explore and inhabit the rest of the home. A professional pest inspection is often the best approach, as it may point out infestations, but also locate problem areas like cracks or damage that allow pest to get into the home.

Check Your Safety Sensors

Before you begin to use your heating system, especially if it is gas heating, check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. These are critical, as they can save your family’s lives. Consider professionally installed systems that can be checked and controlled with a computer or smartphone.

These are all easy and inexpensive things to do in the fall season to improve and protect the home. They not only can save money, but they also help to maintain the condition of the home and the safety of the occupants.