Best Expanding-Your-Outdoors Home Remodeling Projects

Best Expanding-Your-Outdoors Home Remodeling Projects

Most people do not have the necessary budget to buy a new home to create additional living space, or to take a vacation every time they want a change in outdoor scenery. Many these people could arrange some improvements to the outside living area for their home, since these improvements can be large or small, and all different price ranges.

Using outside space to create a more comfortable living in your own home, can be a healthy improvement to your lifestyle as well, whether it gets you moving walking around, planting a garden, or throwing a frisbee to the dog. Let us explore 5 different categories of improvement that can be made. And keep in mind that often interior designers have a good feel for outdoor improvements, so you can take your improvements to the next level by working with a professional.

  1. Seating Space and Shade—Simply being able to go outside and sit in comfort can improve your whole outlook on life. Installing awnings, umbrellas and patio furniture are relatively modest improvements that can reap big benefits. Whether these things are installed on an already existing front porch or back patio, or you set up on the lawn, you can have an hour or more of get-away time with a cool summer drink, and watch birds or the rest of the world pass by.

  2. Patios/Decks and Accessories—It seems like there is only one way to get an apron on most dads, and that is an outdoor barbecue. Summer months are a great time to have an outdoor gathering place that also happens to be a kind of a kitchen and dining room. Patios and decks can be large or small, barbecues can be portable or installed, and are great for summer months, but the usage season can be expanded by adding a gas outdoor heater, or even a chimaera or fire pit, which provides both heat and atmosphere. And decks have been found to be one item that produces a high return on investment when it comes time to sell your property.

  3. Gardens—There is an old Beatles song with the lyrics, “Sitting in an English Garden, waiting for the sun.” It makes me tingle inside to be able to do something like that. (By the way, you might want to know that I live on a stream, and can actually fish from my patio, so all this about enjoying the space outdoors is something that I feel deeply and passionately about.) A garden can take many forms, it can be a place to go and meditate, or to work out your frustrations by planting or weeding, or harvesting, it can provide herbs or vegetables and fruits for your table, beautiful smelling flowers that also cheer up your whole yard. They can be large or small, I have a Tower Garden that uses no dirt, sits on the patio, and takes up only about 3 feet by 3 feet of space, and gives me extras of some of my veggies and herbs to give away.

  4. Gazebos/Storage Sheds/Outbuildings—Whether you need more space for storage, or a place to go and feel regal, like in a gazebo, you can improve your outdoor surroundings by the addition of an outbuilding. An interesting outbuilding idea would be a greenhouse and that could allow you to have a year-round garden. You will be surprised at how large or small some of these outside buildings and shelters can be, and how broad the price range can be as well. Do not assume you cannot afford something until you have checked into it. And how would it be to grow your own hothouse tomatoes or tangerines in Minnesota in the middle of the winter.

  5. Ponds/Fountains—Both of these water features are popular, and can be purchased ready to install, or created as a custom feature. Sounds of running water are amazingly soothing, and if you want to be really popular with neighborhood children, put in a little pond and add some koi (Japanese goldfish, really they are carp, but really pretty carp).

  6. Pools/Hot tubs—I just realized we are adding another category of water feature, but whether above ground, or in-ground, pools create activity in your yard that is hard to beat. And if the pool idea is too aggressive, hot tubs are amazing for “getting out the kinks” from the day.

There are so many more we have not had an opportunity to cover. I know someone with a little putting green. Other ideas would be horseshoes, a dog run, tennis court, dance area with a mirror ball, jungle gym or swing set, playhouse, and anything else that you and your family can benefit from. And I almost forgot to mention this, outdoor lighting is the spice that makes all the rest of these items even more attractive and useful. Beyond that, just make sure your improvements are something that you and your family will use. Oh, and while you are at it, you’d better pick out your favorite cooling summer beverage—mine would be peach or strawberry lemonade in the summer and a steaming cup of hot chocolate by the chimaera in the spring or fall. Cheers!