Call in the Pros for These 7 Home Maintenance Tasks

Call in the Pros for These 7 Home Maintenance Tasks

If you’re a diehard do-it-yourselfer, you may still find that you’re frustrated with some home maintenance and repair tasks, or you just may not have the time. For others who can’t find a hammer that fits their hand, it’s smart to hire a home repair person or company for some tasks around the house.

1- Door Replacement

Often it can seem that replacing a door of the same size is just some screws in a couple of hinges, but that simple job can become a real hassle if you don’t have the tools to properly support the door or to align it properly, it can become a much longer project or a continual annoyance later.

Particularly with exterior doors, improperly aligned doors can result in poor weatherstripping and sealing to stop air infiltration that reduces comfort and increases utility costs. Exterior doors are also heavier and can be a tougher job than anticipated.

2- Replacing Light Fixtures

It’s just wires and screws, right? It is true that electrical wires supply the power and screws, nuts, and bolts hold up light fixtures, but you should take care in doing this as a DIY project. This is especially true if you have some other tasks you’d like handled, as you can combine them in one trip for a home repair visit to save money. Even if you’re sure which breaker to turn off to remove power from the fixture, improper wiring connections could create a problem when you turn on the breaker when you’re finished.

3- Sticking or Binding Windows

Windows stick or bind causing difficulty in opening and closing, or even making them completely immovable. The first challenge is in determining what is causing the binding. It can be as simple as a new paint job that dried with the window closed. Or, it can be as major as settling of the home’s foundation causing stress on the windows.

Sometimes just cleaning the tracks can free the window up, but in many cases the window must be removed from the frame for proper repairs to be completed. Depending on location and height of the window, a professional is usually better equipped to remove and replace windows.

4- Crown Molding Installation

When you enter a room, it’s common to notice things closer to eye level, which means the top molding around the walls. It can be quite decorative, and it also requires very precisely metered and cut joints. You don’t want irregular joints at the corners or along the walls where joints meet. A pro is a good idea for precise measurements and cuts for tight joints.

5- Ceiling Fan Installation

Depending on the size of a ceiling fan, this job is more than just some wiring and mounting hardware. First, you want to be certain that the mounting is secure and that the fan stays up there. You also want it balanced for smooth operation and no wobbling. You must support the fan during the process, and often it’s just easier and safer to hire someone for this job.

6- Exterior House Painting

This is a big job. You’ll need ladders, possibly scaffolding, and may even have to get onto the roof to get the job done. Removal and replacement of some trim items may be required, and you may be working at heights for extensive periods. Hiring a pro is wise for safety and professional results.

7- Hanging Wallpaper

Have you ever been in a home and noticed wallpaper that had pattern mismatches or bubbles from poor installation practices? It’s not a pretty picture. Sometimes removal of one or more sections and their replacement is all that’s necessary, while at other times the whole room needs wallpaper. Pattern matching and bubble-free installation are better done by the pros.

Do what you can by yourself but consider calling in the pros for these and many other important tasks. Let them get the job done right while you enjoy other activities.