Dealing with Challenging Rooms that Do Not Get Enough Hot or Cool Air

Dealing with Challenging Rooms that Do Not Get Enough Hot or Cool Air

Many homes have one or two rooms that do not seem to get enough warm air in the winter or cooling in the summer from their central comfort system. With the popularity of flexible ducting, this problem can be quite common; and it is annoying and uncomfortable.

The good thing about flex ductwork is that it can be routed around attic or crawlspace impediments to get the air from the central system to the room. Often the problem is about the distance from the originating blower assembly or furnace. In larger homes or homes with blowers or furnaces at one end or the other, the air can be forced to travel long distances to some rooms.

Some homeowners opt for vent fans at the vents in the room, but they are often less than effective. Even if effective, they can be noisy as they are in the heated and cooled space. The solution that is most effective is an inline duct fan/blower assembly. They can have different configurations, but they all are designed to be installed in the troublesome duct run.

They are wired in various ways but are set to be activated when the system comes on and the blower runs. Some are high voltage with a relay that is activated when the system comes on. They can then take the air from the blower and boost its velocity down the problem run. Because they’re in the duct run, not at the vent in the space, there is not a noise problem. They can also have multiple output runs to allow them to feed two or more vents. In some cases, one vent in a troublesome room can be replaced with two and their outputs boosted with one inline blower assembly.

Another common use for these units is in a remodel or room addition. Adding or enlarging a room creates a different load requirement for proper heating and cooling of the space. An inline blower can be used to add one or more vents or just to push more air out of existing vents. If a deck or porch is to be taken in as conditioned space, these units can also be very useful for comfort. This is especially true when there is a lot of glass that can add a significant cooling load to the space.

Before buying an inline duct blower assembly for an added space, you should have a heating and air conditioning professional determine the extra load requirement on your central system to see if it is large enough. Often a properly sized system isn’t able to take care of a large added space.

In the case of needing more heating or cooling capacity, you don’t necessarily need to go to the large expense of replacing a central system, especially if it’s only a few years old. Buying a small single terminal unit add-on unit can be the answer, and it can save money if only needed at times for entertaining rather than fulltime living.

If you have spaces in your home that do not heat or cool properly, first have the ductwork inspected for kinks or obstructions. If the problem requires an inline blower assembly, they can be professionally installed at a reasonable cost.