Home Services That Can Save Far More Than They Cost

Home Services That Can Save Far More Than They Cost

Owning a home is still very much the American dream, and once realized, it’s the largest single asset owned by most Americans. We buy insurance to protect us from catastrophic loss, but many homes are damaged over time when upkeep and maintenance are deferred or completely avoided.

Clean Your Gutters

Hiring a service to professionally clean debris from your gutters is important for a couple of reasons. The primary function of gutters is to take water away from the home in a controlled manner. Over time, as dirt, leaves, and debris collect in gutters, the flow of water slows. Slower flow traps even more debris.

As gutters become clogged, water backs up onto the roof and into areas where it should not be. Standing water damages roof shingles, requiring premature roof replacement or significant repairs. In extreme cases over time, water penetrates roof seams and begins to damage the underlying structure and attic supports.

Having a service clean your gutters once each year before rainy seasons can increase the life of your roof significantly.

Wood Damaging Pest Control

Whether it is termites literally eating your home, carpenter ants doing the same, or squirrels chewing wiring, there are pests that may be attacking your structure every day. You usually do not know you have a problem until it manifests as failed electrical systems or rotted wood supporting structures.

The first step is often calling in a professional pest inspector to do a deep inspection of areas of your home subject to invasion by these pests. Once you know if you have a problem and where, you can take corrective action. Often the action is remedial, but then ongoing preventive treatments are required to prevent further invasion and damage. The time to find out that you have a problem isn’t when you decide to sell your home and the prospective buyer hires inspectors.

Comfort Systems Preventive Maintenance

HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, systems are often the most expensive equipment items in the home. Though some are package units completely contained in a single box outdoors, most are split systems. The split system has an outdoor unit connected to indoor equipment to heat, cool, and dehumidify your home.

Service Agreements for Efficiency

The first way in which you can save money over the long term is through keeping your comfort systems clean so that they’re operating at top efficiency. Heating and cooling the air in your home involves transferring heat to and from the space with coils or heat exchangers in the system. When those surfaces become dirty over time, even with regular air filter changes, the efficiency of the system is reduced, and your utility costs rise. A preventive maintenance agreement with a service company will provide seasonal cleanings and inspections to keep your system in good working order and performing efficiently.

Regular Maintenance to Avoid Expensive Repairs or Replacement

Having your comfort systems regularly inspected and serviced will extend the life of your equipment. Often, you’ll also experience fewer expensive and uncomfortable breakdowns and high cost repairs. One expensive repair is the replacement of an air conditioner compressor. This can cost between $800 and $1,800 depending on the size of your system.

When an indoor cooling coil gets overly dirty, airflow is blocked, and heat doesn’t transfer properly. This can get bad enough to allow liquid refrigerant to get back to the compressor damaging the valves and requiring replacement.

Spending a little now can save you a lot over time, so pay attention to the maintenance of your most valuable asset, your home.