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Increasing your comfort without wasting energy can be a challenge. Our Homeze representatives can help make your home welcoming, warming and efficient.

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Of heat loss is through a home’s roof

Many homes—and their occupants—experience home discomfort issues. In winter, homes are hard to heat and the floors are cold to the touch. In summer, rooms are hot and stuffy.

Making a comfortable home, top to bottom

People often think that upgrading their windows and doors will solve the problem. But simply getting new doors and windows won’t solve the deeper problems behind uneven temperatures.

Is Your Home As Comfortable As It Can Be?

The sources of hot and cold spots go much deeper than that—improper ventilation, ill functioning attic fans, improperly installed can-lights, and unsealed crawl spaces, all contribute to these issues.

Every home is different.

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Our product packages

Package 1

PerfectAire™ Package

You and your family will breathe easy with a total clean air solution which includes our pattered filtration system.

Package 2

Ultimate Power Defender Package

Protect your family and your devices with optimized power and cleaner electricity.

Package 3

Premium Heat & Moisture Ventilation Package

Reduce heat and moisture in your attic, increasing the life of your home.

Package 4

Superior Attic Seal Package

Keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out while protecting your home from mold, mildew and fire hazards.

Package 5

Extreme Insulation Booster Package

You and your family will breathe easy with a total clean air solution which includes our patented filtration system.

Package 6

OmniShield™ Superior Fire Protection Package

Fire, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are you first line of defense against danger. Be alerted to problems before they become an emergency.

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