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Package 2

Ultimate Power Defender Package

  • Perfect Power SD
  • 20 LED Bulbs
  • 5 personal EMF Devices
  • Breaker / Inverter Shield
  • Full Explanation of Home Benefits
  • Licensed and Professional Installation


The Homeze Ultimate Power Conditioner and EMF Defender Package is your home power protector. Not only is it a best-of-class surge protector for all of the devices in your home, it also optimizes electromagnetic interference more than 6,000 times per second, keeping your power clean and optimized. This result is cleaner electricity, longer lasting electronics and appliances, and potentially a lower power bill.

Additionally, your Homeze technician will be installing an EMF shield which is designed to protect your family from the incoming power waves associated with your main breaker panel and solar inverter. Finally, you will be provided 5 personal EMF devices that are patented to reduce the harmful effects of EMF signals from laptops, tablets, gaming systems, and cell phones. We finish off this package by installing 20 highly efficient, low EMI BR-30 or A-19 bulbs of your choosing.