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Package 3

Premium Heat & Moisture Ventilation Package

  • Commercial Grade 1500 CFM Solar Powered Fan
  • Soffits Baffled
  • Excess Vents Sealed
  • Attic Pressurization
  • Full Explanation of Home Benefits
  • Licensed and Professional Installation


The Homeze Premium Heat & Moisture Ventilation Package is your clean air solution. Your HomEze technician will professionally blow-clean your entire heat and cooling system including all ductwork, registers and vents. Our Patented air filtration system will then be installed on the down-line of your home. Using patented negative ionization, and your personal settings. Harmful air particles (including pollen, dust, mites, dander, PM10, PM2.5, bacteria and viruses will be removed from your air and killed 24×7. They will be replaced with pure oxygen making every vent and register in your home an air filtration and oxygen delivery system. Additionally, all existing home filters will be replaced with top-notch air filters.