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Package 6

OmniShield™ Superior Fire Protection Package

  • Wireless network sensors alert your handheld device
  • State-of-the-art smoke sensors
  • Heat sensors where smoke alarms aren’t suitable
  • Carbon monoxide sensors to keep you safe from an odorless killer
  • Bed shaker device that alerts you of danger while you sleep
  • Water and freeze device that protects you from potential water damage
  • Full Explanation of Home Benefits
  • Licensed and Professional Installation


The Homeze OmniShield™ Superior Fire Protection Package takes protecting you, your family and home from the real dangers of fires to a whole new level. Did you know that most homes are built with standard contractor grade smoke alarms that give you a 50% chance of getting out of a home fire alive? It’s a scary thought, but unfortunately true. The smoke alarms that came with your home only provide a minimum level of protection. Of course, your family deserves more than the minimum standard. Homeze OmniShield™ provides alerts to fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks or freezing temperatures inside your home giving you a superior level of protection.