The Fast Kitchen Remodel for a Whole New Look

The Fast Kitchen Remodel for a Whole New Look

Kitchen remodels are quite popular, as the kitchen has become a gathering and entertainment area, especially when it can be joined to another room, such as a previous dining room. The cost of a kitchen remodel varies dramatically, as indicated by Home Depot:

  • Minor Remodel – $20,800
  • Major Remodel – $62,200
  • Upscale Remodel – $123,000

The good news is that you can spend far less and change the look and feel of your kitchen for greater utility and enjoyment.

Kitchen Fixtures

Some of the most visible and first-noticed things in a kitchen are the fixtures, faucets and sinks. The good news is that careful selection and shopping can turn you on to stylish fixtures that aren’t expensive but will improve the look of your kitchen and impress your visitors.

Your first decision is an overall design and possibly period one. Do you want a more vintage look, older looking fixtures, though they can be very modern in function? Or, perhaps you’d like to go full modern, with single point fixtures that look stylish and less ornate.

Looking through catalogs and in the home stores, you can also find kitchen sinks that can drop right into the spot occupied by your current sink, but they can change the entire look of the space. They can even have an integrated preparation surface.

Contrasts are Interesting

Selection of fixtures made of mixed metals or mixed metal finishes can add contrast, and coupled with painting or cabinet contrasts, you can add real impact to the space.

Far from requiring garish color clashes, you can refinish cabinets and counter surfaces with contrasting colors that are natural muted browns, tans, and grays. Blending these colors of the larger surfaces with the finishes of the fixtures can give your kitchen a whole new look at a lower cost than even the average minor remodel estimates. The trend is to move from bright hard metallic finishes to more muted tones from nature that give the room a softer vibe.


With today’s LED fixtures, you can get more light into smaller areas and tuck fixtures under upper cabinets and above work areas. There are even motion activated fixtures so you can light your work area when you need it without looking for that switch or even having the switch plate on the wall.

Small LED lighting fixtures can be almost invisible, but useful when you need light for a task but not for the room overall. You can light the room appropriately while having spot lighting where and when you need it. There are many types of energy efficient light bulbs, shapes, and strip lighting to fit into almost any space where you need it with the brightness and color you want.

Functionality with Style that’s Affordable

If you’re color coordination challenged, there are designers who can help with suggestions and examples of their work. Another cost saving strategy would be hiring trades people for what you don’t want to do or can’t. Or, you can hire a kitchen remodel contractor, but have a plan to present for materials that will reduce costs considerably.