Top 4 Home Safety Concerns You Should be Aware of

Top 4 Home Safety Concerns You Should be Aware of

Over at, there is a lot of information about safety in the home. Most of it falls into four categories of concern, and they are responsible for the bulk of injuries and deaths in the home. Home accidents injure a person every 4 seconds and result in death of someone every 16 minutes. Here is an overview of the top concerns in each of the four categories.


Innovation is a hallmark of American ingenuity, and new products pop up every day, most of them quite helpful. These products keep us and our home clean, repair finishes, polish surfaces, clean dishes, floors, and windows. They help us to keep our homes running efficiently. However, they can have chemical or other ingredients that are poisonous us as well.

Products as varied in nature as medicines, cleaning solutions, hair products, and repair materials can contain ingredients harmful to humans. Read all labels carefully, as you want to understand not only how to use them safely, but also how to store them safely. Keep all products out of the reach of children or in areas they cannot access.

The kitchen is an area prone to hazards, as there are food products as well as non-food products stored and used in that area. They should be stored separately so as not to be confused. Containers should always be closed tightly as well.

Fires and Burns

Smoke detectors are a must in every home, and they should be installed in multiple areas and rooms, especially where people sleep. Every family should have and understand an escape plan if a smoke detector sounds a warning. Every now and then have some refresher training or a drill.

Keep combustible materials away from heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and radiators. Repair or replace worn or frayed electrical wires, plugs, or sockets. If you see evidence of overheating, such as dark brown spots on electrical outlets, call an electrician.

Use careful cooking techniques to avoid flash fires, water and hot grease mishaps, and flash points for certain oils or other ingredients.

Water heater temperatures should not be set higher than 120 degrees, and you should always check the temperature of water before bathing.

Drowning, Choking, Strangulation, and Suffocation

Young children should not be left alone near any puddle or container of water, even if the water is only an inch or so deep. Use child-proof fencing around swimming pools and hot tubs. Any small item or toy that can be swallowed should be considered too dangerous to allow access to a child.

Any window blinds or draperies that have cords should not have them looped. Let them hang straight, as loops are a strangulation risk.

Falls and Other Injuries

Leaving items around on floors, such as dog toys or shoes creates a tripping hazard. People of advanced age are at increased risk of serious injury from tripping over them.

Ladders of all types create a risk of injury from falls. Use them properly, level, and with proper angles to support to avoid them tipping. Keep areas of the home well lit, particularly if they are in stairways.

Wear eye protection when using power tools, especially grinders or drills. Maintain proper clearance when using power mowers and other bladed tools.

The most important consideration for home safety is to always think about it. In every activity, from cleaning to remodeling or just having fun, always have safety in mind.