Top Dollar Kitchen Remodeling

Top Dollar Kitchen Remodeling

It is commonly known that if you are selling a home, nine times out of ten, the property will be sold in the kitchen. This is the place to make the house really stand out. If you plan to sell your property at any point in the future, or if you intend to do some entertaining in a home that will impress your guests, the kitchen needs to look current, be highly functional, and have a few little bells and whistles that attract “ooh’s and aah’s” from people.

When it comes to selling, a Top Dollar remodel is not necessarily the most expensive, but it needs to fit what most buyers are looking for. Buyers today are SMART, and they know how to go online and look at designer websites, and to go through Lowe’s or Home Depot and look at their finished displays for what is new and stylish. It is almost a template, and in this article we’d like to share the colors, styles, and materials that sell for top dollar. Our disclaimer is that if you are just doing it for yourself, you can choose whatever you personally like, but if you want to impress others, you will need to make the right choices.

A general guideline before actually putting together a budget is, that if you plan on selling the property within the next five years, then you should plan on spending about what you anticipate getting back from the remodel when you sell the property, but if you plan to own the property for longer than five years, your objective should be to create something that you and your family with gain the value back in usage and comfort.

Most of the remodeling I’ve been involved with is as an investor, and our costs to get a well done impressive remodel can run from about $12k to $20k, averaging at about $15k to $16k, but my numbers are based on us getting contractors’ discounts for purchased materials, plus our labor. Home Advisor publishes says you can do kitchen remodels for between $4k and $50k but publishes their national averages between $12,567 and $34,962. And it is possible to spend a great deal more if you are using luxury appliances, lights, and highly customized cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Just to give you an example, common ceramic floor tile sizes are 12 X 12 or 18 X 18, but we got taken by a contractor who used 18 X 24, an unusual rectangular size, and it cost almost 4 times as much as the same quality in a standard size. So, if you want to spend $134k on your kitchen, you can, but it is not necessary, even in a more luxurious home.

If you would like to do a floor to ceiling remodel and are planning to sell your home in the next 5 years, let’s cover some important considerations for the remodel.

Flooring—Popular Floorings would be wood laminate or ceramic tile. If you have young children, consider waterproof flooring that looks like wood laminate. Colors for wood flooring would be neutral brown (not reddish or yellowish), and there is a wood flooring that looks like driftwood, brown with faded greys that looks like it has been aged by water or sunlight. For ceramic tile, use white or grey, it can have marbling in grey or black, or even flecks of gold. No warm tones, cool neutrals only.

Cabinets/Counter-tops—White Shaker Cabinets, Brushed Nickel Fittings, granite or similar material counter-tops in white, grey, black combinations, with possibly a little warm tone bits of color mixed in.

Sinks—Stainless steel sink, brushed nickel faucet

Lighting—Recessed lighting (canisters), with LED work area lights, such as track lights. Low profile lighting, and don’t block the view with a heavy or dark light fixture or ceiling fan.

Appliances—Stainless or Black, not white

Backsplash—Mosaic tiles in white, grey and black combinations.

Painting Scheme—Tricolor, light grey wall color throughout the home, lots of white trim (baseboards, around windows, doors, white 6 panel doors), and an accent color. Accent colors for moderate square footage—sage, dusty blue, dusty rose, lavender, these colors should all have a muted greyed-out appearance. For large square footage—Gunmetal Grey, Dark Blue, Forest Green, Burgundy, Plum. Accents should truly be accents—a small amount goes a long way.

Space, Etc.—Open space is the intended feel. If you can have a person fixing dinner in the kitchen and having a conversation at normal voice level with someone in the living room or dining area, that is what is preferred. Removing walls or parts of walls as long as they are not load-bearing is worth consideration. A bar in the kitchen for food prep or eating is great, it also makes it possible for children to do homework and ask questions of parents in the kitchen. And one further detail, if you are planning to sell, you cannot afford to offend potential buyers, it is better to be too neutral rather than to choose a color that a potential buyer would not like, even if it happens to be your favorite color.

I have one more suggestion, if you are looking to sell a property, and it has to do with accenting your look. Finding something that is a classic look or item or using something original in the property can create a more homey atmosphere in the property. Exposing some outside brick or incorporating an original fireplace and hearth into the design can be wonderful, even if they don’t fit with the template described above. People love things that add character, even if it seems a little weird or unusual. Nobody is crazy about oatmeal all by itself, but add apples, bananas, raisins, or brown sugar and cinnamon and it’s a breakfast favorite.