About Us

Meet the team behind Homeze

Founder's Corner

I started Homeze (pronounced home-EZE) with one simple idea—providing quality solutions for people who love their homes and families as much as I love mine! Homeze is the accumulation of everything I’ve learned as a home-maker and business owner. Work hard, be innovative, treat everyone (especially my customers) right and help them take the best care of their homes and families as they can.

No matter how big Homeze gets, I will always run it with a “small town” approach—personal contact with each customer, hands-on with each project and utilizing the skill and talent of local installers. My commitment is to maintain a sense of community while contributing to the local economy everywhere Homeze goes.

I look forward to helping you and your family have a more healthy, safe, comfortable and energy optimized home—with Homeze 🙂

Brittni Shelton

Caring and dedicated team

A large part of our success is because of our caring and dedicated team members and the relationships we have with our customers. We respect our employees and work hard to make this a great place for them to come every day.

We couldn’t do it without you

We are thankful to our customers for letting us serve them over the years. We believe they stay with us and refer their friends and family to us because of the foundation of honesty and integrity that the business was built on and our relentless focus to bring them a healthier, safer, more comfortable and energy efficient home to live in.