DIY vs Expert

An Expert can be worth it

Optimizing your home for health, safety, comfort and energy can change your life, but are the projects ones you really want to take on yourself or would it be better going down the professional route? The main factors that will determine your choice is knowledge, time, money, and convenience.


In many cases you can do your own home repairs and upgrades. YouTube is a great resource. However, just because it appears like you can do it yourself (DIY for short), doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Complicated home optimization jobs like enhancing the air quality in your home or reducing the attic heat slipping through your light fixtures or more challenging problems like unwanted critters nesting where they shouldn’t, are most likely left best to the professionals. DIY mistakes could be costly and even reduce the value of your home, but you can decide if learning all of the details is worth your time.

Time and Money

Both DIY and professional jobs have their costs. For a DIY job, the biggest investment is time (which of course translates into actual cost). But also don’t forget about hidden DIY costs like new tools and materials. When you hire a contractor, it’s money. In both cases, however, you want to get the most bang for your buck. But of course, there are more factors then just time and money. Be aware that there are potential dangers and hazards potentially associated with DIY. However, when a home is optimized by a professional the job is guaranteed to produce certain results. Not only are there immediate benefits, but when done professionally, there are long-term perks including increasing the longevity of big-ticket items like roof trusses and the life-time of appliances that must be factored into the overall savings. Ultimately, you must decide if you have the time to put into this type of work and be honest with yourself about it actually getting done and done right.


For most people wanting the benefits of an optimized home, it just isn’t convenient to DIY projects of this magnitude. However, there are some who can spare the time to do it. On the flip side, the main advantage of having professionals assess, diagnose and treat your home is simple convenience. A licensed professional can navigate the installations quicker, easier with more precision than you can do it. There is no parallel to the convenience of getting the work done professionally while you and your family receive the benefits. Additionally, professionals take much less time to complete the work then you would.


You and your family deserve a more healthy, safe, comfortable and energy optimized home. Although DIY sounds tempting, remember that mistakes could be costly, actually reduce the value of your home if not done right, and even be dangerous. Like a doctor who performs a thorough, personalized examination and then concludes with an expert diagnosis and treatment…when Homeze professionals come to your home for a free assessment they will identify the underlying symptoms and create a customized plan just for you and your home. Then you can decide if you’d like to do it yourself or if Homeze right for you.