Traditional insulation works in your favor in wintertime weather, but works against you during the summertime. Our solutions not only boost the performance of your existing insulation by as much as 15% during cold weather, but they also reject 97% of summertime radiant heat.
You’re certainly welcome to give that a try. We have many happy customers who went that route and then called us once they realized they didn’t know where to install the fan or how to properly seal it. Other’s realized the fan failed after a short time (unlike our 25 year warranty) and yet others couldn’t understand why their energy costs actually INCREASED once they installed their fan. Some customers have to learn how much they love us by losing a little time and money first. We’d just rather use our expertise to take care of you quickly and efficiently.

We are glad you like shiny. But not all shiny things are equal. Just ask gold miners about Iron Pyrite. The stuff you get at local hardware stores is called “Radiant Barrier”. It is merely mylar backed aluminum with nylon webbing. It has limited radiant heat protection, however quickly loses it’s reflective capabilities, as the aluminum separates from the mylar in time and exposure to heat. Additionally, it creates moisture damming, a precursor to mildew and mold. Our shiny stuff is manufactured in the US and exclusively in only two factories due to patent rights. It has the benefit of NASA science, mildew and moisture wicking and radiant and conductive heat protection. Further, in order to even have access to install our Multi-Layer-Insulation, you have to be trained and certified through a rigorous process that every HomEze technician undergoes. Don’t be distracted by shiny objects.

That’s a lovely question. And one we have even asked ourselves from time to time. Unfortunately, many builders realize that many home-buyers aren’t as value-conscious as you are. They simply want to build a great looking home for a cheaper price than their competitors; while building to required code and regulations. This model allows the home builder to move the home quickly with the best possible profit. Many builders aren’t willing to step outside of what they know to embrace new things. However, there are many progressive home-builders who open to new solutions and as we educate builders on the value of energy efficiency, more are working with us to adopt these technologies directly into their builds.

How exciting for you! Such an exciting decision to build your home. Contact us and involve us from the beginning. We can work directly with your General Contractor and include efficiency solutions in your build plans. HomEze doesn’t charge for this planning process, but we provide critical insights to you and your builder. If you’ve started your build, it’s never too late to get HomEze involved.

We are sorry to hear that previous attempts at efficiency didn’t yield the results you were looking for. HomEze commends you in pursuing a better, more efficient home. However, you’re not alone. Many of our happy customers reached out to us after having “less than satisfactory” results in the past. We have had great success with evaluating the installs of other companies and creating solutions to help you create the efficiencies you’re looking for.

Solar panels are an alternate energy solution, not Home efficiency. Aside from giving you a different power source that may be cheaper, solar panels have no other benefit. Solar panels DO, however create unexpected strain on other aspects of your home that HomEze assess for you. However, back to your question, a true Home Efficiency solution not only reduces your power bill, but also reduces your energy footprint while making your home more safe, comfortable and healthy. Further, Home Efficiency creates much larger savings than simply lowering your power bill. Make sure to request a Home Efficiency assessment and find out exactly what HomEze can do for your home and family.

Most certainly! Many of our happy customers had previously installed solar panels on their home. Our solutions work hand-in-hand to not only provide your home and family with a more safe, comfortable and healthy home, but also to increase the efficiency and performance of your existing solar panels!

Most certainly. Many people think that the only benefit of and Efficient Home is a lower power bill. That’s much like saying that the only benefit of living a healthy life is lower doctor bills. There are many benefits to creating a more efficient home. During your assessment, we will demonstrate those additional benefits. You’ll soon realize that the savings in your power bill is the least of these benefits.

FAQ's - As they relate to COVID-19

Yes. When we visit homes to perform a FREE assessment or installation, we follow the CDC Guidelines, as well as additional procedures, to ensure that we are keeping you, your family and our employees safe.

We’ve increased our efforts to keep our equipment clean and our employees aware of the appropriate ways to interact with you based on CDC Guidelines, including:
  • Calling or texting you, instead of knocking at your door once our technicians arrive at your home
  • Avoiding any person-to-person contact (no handshaking)
  • Washing hands between visits
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment between visits
  • Requiring any employees who feel unwell to stay home and seek medical attention
  • Monitoring and communicating changes on a regular basis

Our top priority is the safety of you, your family and our employees. We are committed to you and are working hard to make all appointments proceed normally. We’ll keep monitoring the situation and may reach out to you to adjust your appointment date and/or time if necessary. Remember, we’re doing everything in our power to follow the CDC Guidelines, and feel we have a strong plan of action that serves you in a safe and healthy way.

No, not necessarily. Our processes help minimize face-to-face contact between our employees and you. We will always defer to your comfort level as a homeowner and will make any changes that we can to make you feel safe.

Free Home Assessments: Our home assessment employees can limit their visit to low trafficked areas of your home. Instead of knocking on your door to let you know they are at your home, they may call or text you. During their conversation with you, they may also ask you questions about your home’s interior in some cases instead of physically assessing it themselves, though they could make a more thorough recommendation if our licensed technicians are able to review the interior. Again, our number one goal is the personal safety of both you and our employees, so we’re going to take every precaution to maintain the “social distancing” recommendations from the CDC.

Installations: Our technicians will limit their visit to the low trafficked areas of your home as much as possible. They will call or text you before they arrive and explain what they’ll be doing while we’re there. They’ll also minimize unnecessary contact by following CDC Guidelines and using protective gear.

We believe that it’s better to over-communicate rather than under-communicate. We will call you to let you know that we are rescheduling your appointment, why we are doing so, and the next available date in your area. We may also send you an email or text message to reiterate our plan.

Many things can impact the time it takes to optimize your home. However, we feel that it’s even more important that we do everything in our power to prioritize the work required to get your customized solutions activated. Our promise is that we will maintain regular contact with you throughout your journey… from the FREE home assessment to the installation to your complete satisfaction.